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After the island of Cyprus was temporarily "hired" by Britain in 1878, the organized struggles of the Turkish Cypriots on the island began to gain momentum. The National Congress gathered before the First World War, on the eve of the war, especially Dr. Behiç Bey, Dr. The Turkish Cypriots, who went to an organization organized by Esat Bey and Hasan Karabardak and that frightened and frightened the British, especially the Greek Cypriots, continue the same activities after the Second World War. Especially when the terrorist organization EOKA, which was established by Grivas and with the support of Greece, started to turn the island into a bloodbath as of April 1, 1955, the attempts of the Turkish Cypriots to protect their life, property and dignity began to emerge and the final result of these initiatives is today the legal result of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. and the Turkish Resistance Organization (TMT), which also constitutes the core of the Security Forces Command, which is in the position of the legitimate Armed Forces.

In addition to the organizations organized by the Turkish Cypriots living on the island against the attempts of the Greek Cypriots against their life, property and honor, there are also associations and societies formed by the Turkish Cypriots who left the island for various times and reasons. Especially after World War II mobilization seen in the Turkish Cypriot political life and the organization of parallel initiatives to protect the rights of Turkish Cypriots living in Turkey, it will begin to create various organizations come together to create and power. In this study, although all established outside Cyprus of Turkish Cypriot organizations and the Turkish Cypriots, but with today mainly associated with the association which is the sole association representing the position of Turkey on Cyprus will stop the Turkish Cultural Association.


Ersin Tatar, Turkish Cypriot economist, politician, President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. He served as the Chairman of the National Unity Party between 2018-2020.

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The administration of Cyprus, which was taken from the Venetians in 1571 and remained under Ottoman rule for 307 years, was transferred to England in 1878, provided that the sovereignty remained in the Ottoman Empire. As a result of the Ottoman Empire and Britain being on separate ranks during the First World War, Britain annexed the island in 1914 with a unilateral decision. Turkey British sovereignty over the islands was recognized in 1923 by the Lausanne Treaty.




The administration of Cyprus, which was taken from the Venetians in 1571 and remained under Ottoman rule for 307 years, was transferred to England in 1878, provided that the sovereignty remained in the Ottoman Empire. As a result of the Ottoman Empire and Britain being on separate ranks during the First World War, Britain annexed the island in 1914 with a unilateral decision. Turkey British sovereignty over the islands was recognized in 1923 by the Lausanne Treaty.

Until the beginning of the 18th century, the number of Turks in Cyprus was higher than the Greeks. The amount of land held by the Turks, who were engaged in agriculture, was more than that of the Greeks. The social and cultural life between the two sides has always remained different, there was no marriage between Turks and Greeks, and the members of the two communities did not act like establishing a joint commercial enterprise.

TRNC Republic

The "Republic of Cyprus" was established in 1960 in accordance with international agreements based on partnership between the two peoples of the island. Its Constitution, guaranteed by these treaties, was based on the equal political rights and status of the Turkish and Greek Cypriot peoples on the island. The Greek Cypriot side did not give the 1960 Republic a chance to live as it was established, and the structure of the "Republic of Cyprus", which came into being with the aforementioned treaties system, was to exclude and isolate the Turkish Cypriots from state institutions, to end their presence on the island and finally to unite with Greece (ENOSIS). They have initiated change attempts to pave the way.

The then President Makarios began to argue that the Zurich-London Treaties gave Turkish Cypriots rights beyond fairness and the 1960 Constitution was inoperable, and on November 30, 1963, the 13-point proposal for the constitutional amendment, including the abolition of the veto right of the Turkish Vice President. Small. These proposals were rejected by the 16 December 1963 the Turkish Cypriot side and Turkey.

TRNC Geography

Cyprus is among the largest islands of the Mediterranean. It is the third largest island in the ranking after Sicily and Sardinia. Cyprus is between actions 30.33 and 35.41 and longitudes 32.23 and 34.55.


Northern Cyprus and Turkey, 65 km from the north, east, 112 km from Syria, 267 km with Israel, Lebanon and 162 km; Southern Cyprus and Egypt with 418 km to the south; Greece is located in the west with a distance of 965 km.

The total area of the TRNC is 3355 km². Approximately half of the island beaches are within the borders of the TRNC.

According to 2006 data, the capital city of Nicosia has a total population of 264,172.

20% of the 45% fertile land that can be cultivated is irrigated. 20% of the TRNC in general is forested and an intensive afforestation program is in progress.

The climate of Cyprus is a typical Mediterranean climate. Summers are long and dry, winters are short and rainy. The annual average temperature is 19ºC (66ºF). Midsummer temperature hovers around 40ºC (105ºF). In winter, the weather is very mild and the island receives an average of 500mm of rain annually.

In addition to pine trees, citrus fruits, olives, scrub, deciduous tree, dwarf shrubs, trees and shrubs and different flower types constitute the general vegetation of Northern Cyprus. Different types of orchids are also among the rare plants of Cyprus.

Undoubtedly, the most important factor in the formation of the natural wealth of Cyprus is the Mediterranean climate. The most common tree species are pine, cypress, oak and eucalyptus, which is later grown on the island. Besides citrus fruits such as orange, citrus, lemon, tangerine and grapefruit, watermelon, some vegetables, olive and carob trees are grown. Vegetation is ideal for livestock.

It is possible to find different types of animals living in Cyprus or migrating between continents. The geographic location of the island is the accommodation and spawning center of some bird species between Africa and Eastern Europe. 7 of the 350 species found on the island are endemic. In addition, 26 different types of reptiles and amphibians live in Cyprus.

Important beaches of Northern Cyprus are home to the endangered caretta caretta and chelonia mydas turtles in the Mediterranean during certain months of the year. In addition, there are around 250 freely living wild donkeys in Karpas National Park.


Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is not recognized outside the island's Greek Cypriot Administration is shown. Nakhichevan, an autonomous country affiliated with Azerbaijan, recognizes the TRNC as the dominant power, but Azerbaijan does not officially recognize the TRNC. The Organization of the Islamic Conference accepted the TRNC as a member and gave it an observer status. The views of other countries such as Pakistan, Qatar and Gambia go towards getting to know the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Since the Annan Plan referendum held in April 2004, the international community has started to improve its relations with the TRNC. Günter Verheugen, member of the European Union responsible for the enlargement of the European Union, said in his report that if these conditions are taken into account, EU countries can open representative offices in the TRNC. The EU committed 259 million Euros to the TRNC. The TRNC, which tries to be prevented by the Greek Cypriot side, wants to receive this aid directly.

On the one hand, TRNC President Mehmet Ali Talat continues to meet with important world leaders. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met with former British Secretary of State Jack Straw. In addition, in August 2006, he was hosted by Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf as president.

Although the TRNC was recognized by Bangladesh and Pakistan after the declaration of independence, these countries withdrew their recognition as a result of international pressure. TRNC is referred to by the international community as the only state with the Greek Cypriot Administration in international relations (for example, the member census in the European Union). Again, in international relations, on world maps, the entire island of Cyprus is shown as if it belongs to the Greek Cypriot Administration and there is no TRNC (for example, the name of the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus is shown as Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest, and when it is time to vote, showing the country as the whole island of Cyprus).

There are Turkish Cypriots between the ages of 18 and 40 in the army of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In addition, the 11th Corps of the Turkish Armed Forces is located in the north of the island. Turkish forces in the region have settled in the region against possible Turkish-Greek conflicts and have taken the lives of Turkish Cypriots under protection.

The important settlements of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are the capital Nicosia, Kyrenia and Famagusta. TRNC does not get much rain due to its climate. Usually it is hot and sunny here.


The economy of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus consists of trade, tourism and education within the public sector, as well as agriculture and manufacturing industry.


Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is dependent on the current economic and military support because of Turkey's failure to recognize the international community. The currency in circulation is the New Turkish Lira. TRNC almost all import and export is carried out through Turkey. International dialing code +90 392 which is Turkey's local dialing code. Internet domain name, which is the second level subdomains .nc.t also formed under the .fr extension belonging to the Republic of Turkey. World Postal Union does not recognize the TRNC as a separate state in the mail from Mersin 10 - Turkey sent by postal code.

Because the Greek Cypriot Administration in print except Turkey does not direct flights to TRNC and Ercan International Airport and held Geçitkale Airport is only recognized by Turkey and Azerbaijan legally airport.

Again in 1974, it was declared by the Greek Party that the ports of the TRNC were closed to all world ships. Turkey has led to the recognition of these ads and free access to Turkish ports.

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