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Rustam Nurgaliyevich Minnihanov is a Tatar politician and the second and current President of Tatarstan. He was born on March 1, 1957 in the village of Yana Arsh in Rybno-Slobodsky District in the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of Tatarstan. He graduated from the Soviet Trade Institute in 1978 as a mechanical engineer.

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The Autonomous Republic of Tatarstan is located in the eastern part of Europe at the confluence of the Idil (Volga) and Kama rivers. Neighboring the country with Chuvashistan in the west, Bashkiria in the east, the Mari Republic in the northwest, the Kirov region in the north, the Udmurt Republic in the northeast, the Orenburg region in the southeast, and the Samara (Kuybişev) and Simbir (Ulyanovsk) regions in the south. Its area is 87,836 km2, its population is 3,761,700 (2008), its population density is 54 and its capital city is Kazan (1,200,000).




The Republic of Tatarstan declared its independence in the Soviet Union on August 30, 1990, it is an unrecognized state at the time it collapsed in February 1994.

During the collapse of the Soviet Union, Tatarstan announced on August 30, 1990 that it declared its independence to the whole world. The Russian Parliament gave a refusal to this decision. This independence has not been recognized by any state. In 1992, the new constitution was voted in a referendum in the country and was accepted with 62% of the affirmative votes. On February 15, 1994, an agreement was signed between the Republic of Tatarstan and the Russian Federation regarding the limitation of the subjects and powers of the institutions. After that date, Tatarstan's independence ceased to exist and became a republic of the Russian Federation.

Republic of TATARISTAN

The Republic of Athens is the federal structure of Russia and located within the geographical borders of the Volga Federal District. It is an autonomous Turkish republic. The Russian Federation is an oil and mineral rich state with a population of 3,786,488 and an area of 67,836 km² according to the 2010 census.

Area: 68.000 km²

Capital: Kazan

Population: 3.885 million (2017)


TATARISTAN Physical Structure

The Republic of Tatarstan is located in the historical IdilUral region in the Middle Volga Basin, where the northeastern part of Europe and the western part of Russia coincide. Tatarstan, located in the east of the Eastern European Plain, in the west of the Ural mountain ranges, is surrounded by high areas such as Uvalı Severnıye in the north and Privoljskaya Vozvışennost in the south. The Kuybishevsk reservoirs on the Volga river and the Nijnekamsk reservoirs on the Kama river almost divide the country into two, with their large surface area and their stretch in the form of a strip in the southwest-northeast direction. Having a strategic geographical location, Tatarstan is a transit country that connects the European and Asian continents as well as the regions in the Baltic and Caspian basin, as well as the Slavic and Turkish nations. As a result of this, Tatars are one of the most northerly Turkish communities in Europe; They represent the extension of the Central Asian Muslim world in the IdilUral region. In addition, Tatarstan, with its ethnic, religious and cultural characteristics, can be considered as a Eurasian cultural bridge between the Central Asian Turkic republics as the European extension of Central Asia and the Turkic republics in the Volga basin. Tatarstan is a country with high cultural tolerance, which holds Christian and Muslim societies, Slavic and Turkish civilizations together within the Eurasian cultural area.

TATARISTAN Population and Social Life

It is an autonomous Turkish republic. The Russian Federation is an oil and mineral rich state with a population of 3,786,488 and an area of 67,836 km2 according to the 2010 census. ... The ancestors of the Turks who founded these two states are considered today's Tatars and Chuvash.


Despite its small size, Tatarstan has an important place in the Russian economy with its industry and agriculture and is considered one of the richest countries in the federation. Like the others, the underground and aboveground wealth of this country is allocated to the Moscow projects and investments, so the public has very little share from the non-national product. A large part of Tatarstan land is suitable for agriculture. The main crops grown are rye, wheat, corn, flax, potatoes and sugar beet. In addition, vegetable and fruit production has also improved. Animal husbandry and dairy farming is an important field of occupation. The greatest underground wealth is oil and natural gas; An average of 100 million tons of oil is extracted annually. It is transported through oil and natural gas pipelines to Kazan, Gorky, Ufa, Perm, Saratov and Sverdlovsk. Electrical energy is obtained from the Kuybişev Dam. The most important branches of the industry in the country are oil, natural gas, chemistry, petro-chemistry, machinery, electronics, timber and food industries. The most important facilities are gathered in Kazan and its surroundings and along the Kama river (especially automotive). Rivers are mostly used in transportation. Regular passenger transport is made to Moscow and other cities of the Idil basin through river ports. The railway is not very developed. Two main lines run from the northwest and southeast ends of the country to Moscow and the Urals. There is a road connection between many centers. There is a large airport in Kazan.

Turkey Relations TATARISTAN

Tatarstan is Russia's hospitality center with an Islamic tradition. The capital of the republic is equipped with all necessary infrastructure, including certified hotels and halal cafes and restaurants under the "Halal-Friendly Standard" international hospitality program. The cultural heritage facility that was restructured by the Turkish company, now named Kazan Palace Hotel by Tasigo, was opened. Products and medical equipment are produced in Tatarstan in accordance with the halal standard. Tatar fashion is true to Islamic traditions. Tatarstan implements a roadmap for cooperation in the field of Islamic economics and within the development of the halal industry.

Between Tatarstan and Turkey along with that of many similarities, religion was the most important elements in common. More than 1.5 thousand mosques operate in the Republic of Tatarstan, where half of the population is Muslim.

Cooperation agreements between our republics are realized at the highest level. Tatarstan President Rustam Minnihanov with Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan too meet regularly.

The Representation of the Republic of Tatarstan has been successfully operating. Kazan is the sister city of Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya and Eskişehir. Tatarstan and municipal levels in 17 of brotherhood between Turkey agreement is possible.

A Turkish proverb says: "Marble is made of good stone, goodness from two sides." Turkey, Tatarstan is a leader in foreign investment in the economy. Today there are between Turkey and Tatarstan's third largest partner. In total, investments in Tatarstan to Turkey's economy is at the level of 3 billion dollars.

In Turkey "Welcome Guest!" they say. Tatarstan provides very good conditions for long-term partners. Perhaps for this, a third of the residents of Tatatarstan's Alabuga (Yelabujskiy Municipality), Russia's best Special Economic Zone, are successful Turkish businesses. Among them are Kastamonu, Hayat Kimya, Coşkunöz Alabuga, Şişecam and others.

Tatarstan helps not only in the opening of businesses, but also in their development. Coşkunöz Alabuga, the first resident of the Special Economic Area and exporting vehicle components for the production of Mercedes-Benz, KamAZ, and Magnitogorsk Metallurgy Facility (MMK) established a joint production facility in 2018. MMK-Coşkunöz Alabuga Factory will produce up to 60 thousand tons per year. The investments of the Turkish side exceed 15 million dollars. Turkish company Enka, in cooperation with Siemens, is involved as a subcontractor in the construction of a 495 MWt steam-gas power plant for PAO Nijnekamskneftehim company. This project is one of the biggest energy projects in Tatarstan. Nijnekamskneftehim is among the largest petrochemical companies in Russia and Tatarstan. The Turkish Holding, named Hayat, invests in the construction of multi-functional residences and commercial-office facilities called Sunrise City in the city of Naberejny Chelny, Tatarstan.

Tatarstan President Rustam Minnihanov is the head of the strategic view group "Russia - Islamic World". Our Republic also strengthens the relations between Russia and the East by establishing and maintaining partnership relations with Islamic countries. Tatarstan is the window of opportunity for Eastern countries to develop their businesses in Russia!

Regularly held joint business activities between Tatarstan and Turkey. The "Russia - Islamic World: Kazansummit" Annual International Economic Summit held in Kazan offers many different opportunities for many new contracts. Tatarstan-Turkey Business Forum has become a good tradition. In 2019, this Forum was held in Istanbul and Bursa. It is very easy to be a participant of these events. There are direct flights between Kazan and Istanbul.

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